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10gen free online MongoDB course – feedback

M101 MongoDB for Developers (Oct 22 – Dec 17 2012) Before this course I didn’t know anything about mongoDB (or anything about NoSQL) so it was a good opportunity to learn something new. I’ve mentioned this course before, in my article about Python IDE. I’ve attended few talks at Devoxx 2011 about No SQL but […]

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How to merge two MySQL databases manually [part 2]

Okay, here I will continue with my story about the database merging. In the second part, I’ll focus more on the technical stuff, how it is realized, how to get some values, how to execute some steps etc. The idea… After the discussion about the potential ways how to execute this migration, we agreed to […]

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How to merge two MySQL databases manually [part 1]

If you want a thing done well, do it yourself! Sometimes, when working on large projects, you’ll end up with customer’s request to merge two databases (db with identical structure but different data, stored probably on different servers). If you’re lucky enough, you won’t end up with this kind of requests, and you won’t find […]

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Why I (don’t) use TDD

Test driven development is a very powerful thing. Although I don’t use it on every day basis, I’m a big admirer of the whole TDD concept. When I first heard of it, it made me laugh. It sounded impossible to me (especially for my poor skills). It was something like looking into the future. How […]

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What IDE to use for Python?

Few weeks ago, I’ve decided to join the free online MongoDB course together with my colleagues. The whole NoSQL idea is totally new for me and I wondered how it looks like and where can it be applied in the real world situations. As I said, we found a free online course at Another […]

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