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December, 2012

Setting up git with eclipse step by step

This is the step-by-step article for setting up your eclipse to work with git repositories. I’m writing this for myself to use as a reminder later, because it’s the first time I set up git with eclipse. If you see I’m doing something wrong, please let me know. Set up eclipse and plugins I chose […]

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Carbon 5 – How to keep track of executed SQL scripts

If your application use a database and you often execute scripts manually (extending tables with new fields, adding new values) you need to keep records which scripts are executed and which aren’t. Keep in mind that you usually have more than one database (localhost, one or many production databases) and in addition, there are several […]

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How to send tweets from Java

After finishing mongoDB course, my colleague (Nikola Cakarevic) and I decided to build up a small project that will combine Spring (Spring MVC and Spring Data) and mongoDB. Since the Twitter fits in the whole Big Data story, we decided to base our project on it. Yesterday I found some free time to see how […]

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10gen free online MongoDB course – feedback

M101 MongoDB for Developers (Oct 22 – Dec 17 2012) Before this course I didn’t know anything about mongoDB (or anything about NoSQL) so it was a good opportunity to learn something new. I’ve mentioned this course before, in my article about Python IDE. I’ve attended few talks at Devoxx 2011 about No SQL but […]

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How to merge two MySQL databases manually [part 2]

Okay, here I will continue with my story about the database merging. In the second part, I’ll focus more on the technical stuff, how it is realized, how to get some values, how to execute some steps etc. The idea… After the discussion about the potential ways how to execute this migration, we agreed to […]

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How to merge two MySQL databases manually [part 1]

If you want a thing done well, do it yourself! Sometimes, when working on large projects, you’ll end up with customer’s request to merge two databases (db with identical structure but different data, stored probably on different servers). If you’re lucky enough, you won’t end up with this kind of requests, and you won’t find […]

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